iSecureTrac Corp., incorporated in 1983, develops, markets, leases and services products, which assists in monitoring compliance and modifying behavior of individuals who are under the supervision of the criminal justice system and social service agencies, primarily in the United States. The electronic monitoring products and services of the Company consists of global positioning system (GPS) tracking systems, including automated voice notification, house arrest, visual breath alcohol testing, bio-metric voice verification and supplemental monitoring center services.


GPS Tracking Systems

GPS tracking systems enable law enforcement agencies to continuously monitor an individual’s location, and thereby compliance, with pre-determined terms. Operated by the United States Department of Defense, the GPS consists of at least 24 operational satellites, which orbit the Earth every 12 hours. The Company’s Series 2000 (System 2150 and System 2250) and System 5000 GPS systems are manufactured in the United States and consist of personal tracking unit (PTU), an ankle cuff, and a charging base.

The GPS systems offer tracking units equipped with on-board intelligence allowing them to compute GPS locations and discerns violation status without the assistance of a monitoring center or other secondary sources; advanced circumvention sub-systems to identify, report and log attempts by the offender to tamper with the equipment or render it inoperable; the GPS chip sets for greater accuracy and sensitivity in areas that typically have weak GPS signals; secure Web-based management reporting through any Internet-ready device, and geo-fencing to control entrance and/or egress from geographically defined locations. It also includes automated voice notification with escalation to an unlimited number of parties including but not limited to supervising officers, law enforcement officials, judicial personnel and potential victims; equipment designed and manufactured specifically for the corrections market that is hypoallergenic (ankle bracelet or cuff), tamper and shock resistant and water resistant or water proof (ankle bracelet or cuff), and crime scene analysis to assist in identifying or eliminating potential suspects based upon their proximity to a specific crime location within a specified time period.

Active GPS uses on-board intelligence and a cellular communications network to report locations and violation status in near real time (Series 2000 and System 5000). In addition, the Company’s System 5000 also offers the capability of reporting locations and violation status, through a land-line when the PTU is returned to the charging base. Passive GPS uses the same on-board intelligence as the Active GPS unit, but reports the locations and violation status, through land-line telephone only when the PTU is returned to the charging base (Series 2000 only).

House Arrest

House Arrest is a system that enables law enforcement agencies to verify an offender’s presence at a particular location (house, residence, work release facility). Equipment and features of the iSECUREtrac House Arrest System include the ability to move from House Arrest to Active or Passive GPS remotely with the flip of a switch, a hypoallergenic and water proof ankle bracelet or cuff worn continuously by the offender which is equipped with tamper-detecting sub-systems and a radio frequency (RF) transmitter, a shock resistant monitoring base with improved signal reception to ensure superior signal monitoring at a range of distances, and reporting through a single, secure, web-based platform utilizing common management software for monitoring offenders on House Arrest, Active or Passive GPS.

Visual Breath Alcohol Testing

The breath alcohol monitoring system enables an offender’s breath alcohol levels to be tested remotely and at the offender’s residence. The system calls the offender on a scheduled, random, or on-demand basis, giving him clear instructions. The offender blows into a drinking straw inserted in the HomeStation while a camera on the unit photographs the offender. Breath Alcohol Test data and photographs are sent electronically to the data center.

BioMetric Voice Verification

During the year ended December 31, 2009, the Company became an independent distributor of the voice biometrics speaker verification technology of ShadowTrack Technologies, Inc. ShadowTrack Technologies, Inc offers an interactive voice response system coupled with biometric authentication technology, which is integrated into the Company’s Web-based platform tracNET24.

Supplemental Monitoring Center Services

The Company provides a range of supplemental services. Direct Monitoring Center Intervention in which the Company would attempt to resolve common compliance issues through direct contact with the monitored individual. Equipment Install and Removal frees agents from the task of fitting their clients and retrieving the equipment at the end of the program. Automated Voice Notification provides voice alerts to officers in addition to text, pager and email notifications when those individuals under community supervision violate the terms of their release. On-Site Inventory Management provides precise control and safeguarding of equipment. Extended Training includes follow-up training and refresher courses to ensure agents, officers and supervisors are comfortable with the operation of the equipment and proficient in reading and interpreting electronic monitoring reports.

Program Development and Consulting could help fine tune protocols and procedures to reduce program noise, annoyance alerts and unnecessary data. Financial Services and Administration provides agencies several options in the financial administration of community supervision programs. Day Reporting Services includes the provision by the Company of a reporting center and staff to supervise release compliance by those individuals under community supervision.

Web-Based Software/System Interface (tracNET24)

The Web-based software/system interface, known as tracNET24, is provided to the user agencies through the Internet. The features include the ability to establish boundaries or geo-fences, through inclusion and exclusion zones, either for individual clients or entire caseload populations; the flexibility to change the content, delivery method and timing of alert notifications to fit agency needs; access to all reports and events pertaining to monitored individuals through Web-based program; utilization of Microsoft’s Virtual Earth as a mapping system overlay, as well as recognizable and easy-to-read names of countries, states, counties, cities, municipalities, landmarks, points of interest, and street names, and the ability to present mapping and monitoring information for all enrolled clients in the vicinity of a crime at the time the crime was committed, enabling the officer to research multiple clients simultaneously.

The Company competes with G4S, Omnilink Systems, ProTech Monitoring, Inc., BI Incorporated, Satellite Tracking of People, LLC and SecureAlert.
iSECUREtrac Corp. is a publicly traded company which develops, markets, and distributes global positioning satellite (GPS)-based products and services for the tracking of criminal offenders. It was founded in 1983 and has its registered head office in Omaha, Nebraska.
iSECUREtrac is the leader in GPS offender tracking. It provides GPS and radio frequency (RF) electronic monitoring solutions used to track offenders and to detect noncompliance. If an offender goes somewhere that’s off-limits or isn’t in a location at an appointed time, iSECUREtrac’s system can automatically notify the appropriate authorities. The officer uses any Internet-ready device (PC or wireless PDA) to view the offender’s location and movement.
Aside from its GPS and RF electronic monitoring solutions, iSECUREtrac’s line of electronic monitoring and services also include house arrest, a system that enables law enforcement agencies to verify an offender’s presence in a particular location, such as house, residence, and work release facility; visual breath alcohol testing system, which enables offenders’ breath alcohol levels to be tested remotely; and Web-based system interface that enables probation or corrections officer to know where his or her clients, wearing a personal tracking unit, have been over any given time period. Moreover, iSECUREtrac has active interests in leasing tracNET24, an offender monitoring software; hosting offender data; renting of offender monitoring equipment; and providing various outsourced services, including direct monitoring center intervention, equipment install and de-install, on-site inventory management, training, program development and consulting, financial services and administration, and day reporting.
iSECUREtrac’s mission is to accelerate the use of remote tracking and monitoring technologies which combine GPS and wireless technologies to: reduce society’s reliance on incarceration as a solution to social problems, improve law enforcement’s ability to protect the general public, and reduce the cost of law enforcement.
iSECUREtrac serves federal, state, county, and municipal law enforcement and corrections agencies, as well as social service agencies involved with curbing juvenile delinquency and domestic violence/abuse. The company markets and sells its products and services directly through its in-house sales force and indirectly through third party distributors and service providers primarily in the United States.

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