Transcend Services, Inc. (Transcend), incorporated in 1976, is a medical transcription company in the United States. Transcend develops and utilizes a range of technology solutions to support the transcription process, including robust voice capture systems, speech recognition technology, its BeyondTXT transcription platform and various customer-specific systems. The Company provides medical transcription services round-the-clock. Transcends focuses on providing medical transcription services to the healthcare industry. The Company’s BeyondTXT transcription services consist of three primary phases: dictation capture, voice to text and distribution. Transcend utilizes a combination of its Internet-based voice and data distribution technology, customer based technology and home-based medical language specialists to convert physicians’ voice recordings into electronic documents. In January, 2009, the Company purchased certain assets of DeVenture Global Partners, Inc. (DeVenture). In April, 2009, the Company acquired the medical transcription business of Transcription Relief Services (TRS). On August 31, 2009, the Company acquired Medical Dictation Services, Inc. In October 2010, the Company acquired Spryance, Inc.


In the dictation capture phase, a physician dictates the results of a patient encounter or procedure into a number of different voice capture systems, including hand held devices, dictation capture systems at customer sites and dictation capture systems located in its data center in Atlanta, Georgia. Transcend consolidates these voice files from their various sources at its data center. In the voice to text phase, the encrypted digital voice files are accessed over the Internet by its home-based medical language specialists and offshore partners, who play back voice recordings using headsets and foot pedals, and either, transcribe the recorded voice or edit the document created by its integrated speech recognition solution. The completed electronic documents are then returned to its data center over the Internet, where they may be accessed by remote quality assurance personnel. In the distribution phase, completed documents are distributed to end-users in a different ways, including interfaces to electronic medical record (EMR) and hospital information systems, fax machines, printers or Web-based consoles.

The Company competes with MedQuist, Spheris, CBay Inc., Webmedx, Heartland, Nuance and OSi.
Transcend Services, Inc., with headquarters in in Atlanta, Georgia, is a leading provider of medical transcription services to health systems, hospitals, clinics and physician practices. An AAMT (American Association of Medical Transcriptionists) corporate sponsor, the company provides a range of HIPAA-compliant services and solutions that include transcription and consulting services ranging from full contract management to overflow support, as well as departmental assessments and complete data center development.
Transcend’s home-based medical language specialists convert physicians’ voice recordings into electronic medical record documents using the company’s Web-based, secure transcription platform. Physicians may dictate from several dictation products on the market (including new handheld devices) or any phone (including hospital- or clinic-based transcription stations, an office- or home-based land line). Dictated information is securely captured in a digital format in the company’s central voice hub in Atlanta, Georgia. Transcend’s home-based transcriptionists access these files over the Internet and transcribe the recorded voice to create electronic documents, which are then returned to the Atlanta hub over the Internet. The documents may then be accessed by remote quality assurance personnel, and are then automatically delivered to the healthcare provider. Typically, documents are produced and delivered in less than 24 hours of a physician’s dictation, with STAT requests having a significantly faster turnaround time.
The company also offers BeyondTXT Platform, a state-of-the-art, integrated platform for dictation and transcription. BeyondTXT Platform allows physician voice files to be quickly and securely captured and translated to electronic medical documents. BeyondTXT Platform applications are based on standard, open architecture. It also uses SQL database, applications such as Microsoft Word, and widely accepted Web-based technology. BeyondTXT Platform has two main variants: the BeyondTXT Dictation Platform and BeyondTXT Transcription Platform.
Transcend solutions are in use in health systems and integrated delivery networks, hospitals, clinics and individual physician practices. The company’s transcriptionists process approximately one million lines per day and accept digital voice files from more than 50,000 physicians at more than 160 organizations in the U.S. Transcend also works in partnership with leading software and telecommunications companies, including Microsoft, Quovadx, Sonic WALL, BellSouth, Cisco, Global Crossing, MCI and Qwest.

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