Prazske sluzby,a.s. was set up from state ownership. Company focuses to services for Prague? road – in winter likvidation of snow, in summer water the streets, street cleaning.
Prazske Sluzby A.S. is a joint-stock company established in the Czech Republic. It is active in the collection and treatment of sewage in the city of Praha. The company’s Disposal and Recycling Waste (DRW) unit provides the disposal of mixed and sorted municipal waste, hazardous waste, food waste and electrical waste from businesses, offices and industries.
The company offers ecological consultation regarding waste paper disposal. It also ensures cleaning of roads including summer and winter season road maintenance. The company’s other activities include passenger car repairs, repairs of lorries and other utility vehicles, vehicle testing stations and emissions, architectural and designer services, and landscape and garden services.
Prazske Sluzby is the largest company in the city of Praha. It was incorporated in January 1994. Its registered main office is located in Praha, the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic. Its sewage treatment facility, Malesice Facility, which converts waste into energy holds an ISO 14001 certification.


Group or Branch:

444/1, Pod Sancemi 190 00, PRAHA 9, CZECH REPUBLIC
+42 2 8409 1100
+42 2 8409 1105
[email protected]

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