The Company specializes in research and development of innovative molecular diagnostics and treatments targeting neurodegenerative disorders and cancers. The group uses alternative ribonucleic acid (RNA) splicing technology. This involves a natural biological process in which a single gene can produce different proteins. This process, when it is uncontrolled, can cause a number of diseases. The group is able to identify the genes whose splicing variants produce abnormal proteins. Splicing variants can be used to develop tests that permit early diagnosis of these diseases and can be used to identify new therapeutic targets.
ExonHit Therapeutics has a balanced investment strategy, including internal research programs and strategic partnerships with companies such as bioMérieux and Allergan.


The Company was founded in November 20, 1997.
The Company was listed on ALTERNEXT PARIS – Alternext – Public offer on November 17, 2005.
ExonHit Therapeutics SA is a France-based company engaged in developing new therapeutics, innovative diagnostics and microrays based on its expertise in the analysis of alternative RNA splicing. The Company was established and incorporated in October of 1997 and is headquartered in Paris, France.
ExonHit Therapeutics is the world’s leader in the analysis of alternative splicing, the process a biological process which plays a key role in the onset of various diseases; and by which a single gene can lead to several proteins. The Company uses its genomic profiling technology, DATAS (Differential Analysis of Transcripts with Alternative Splicing), to identify genes whose splice variants produce abnormal proteins that may trigger or contribute to the development of disease. DATAS yields information not readily accessible through other means and has enabled ExonHit Therapeutics to build high value libraries of spliced events for drug discovery and diagnostics. The Company’s laboratories are located in Paris, France; and in Suite Gaithersburg, USA.
The Company’s strategy is to leverage valuable biological information in the fields of drug discovery, diagnostics and biochips. The Company works with industry partners in three major areas: drug discovery, diagnostics and biochips, as well as pursuing its own in-house proprietary drug discovery programs. It works in collaboration with Allergan Sales LLC in the fields of pain, neurological diseases and ophthalmology. Diagnostics – Works in collaborative agreement with partner bioMérieux S.A. to identify and develop novel blood diagnostics for breast cancer and other major cancers and Biochips, in particular Agilent Technologies Inc. and Affymetrix Inc.
The Company has established a subsidiary, ExonHit Therapeutics Inc., in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA.

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65, Boulevard Massena 75013, PARIS, FRANCE
+33 1 58 05 47 04
+33 6 66 63 47 98
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