The Company is a Japan-based company engaged in the investment business. The Company operates in three business segments. The Investment Banking segment invests in private equities, public companies and pre initial public offering (pre-IPO) equities. The Industrial Material segment is engaged in the sale of special films and lightening fixtures, as well as the manufacture and sale of constructional floor materials. The Others segment is engaged in business activities including branding, risk management and advisory, among others. Oak Capital sold its fashion business during fiscal year ended March 31, 2009. On October 20, 2009, CAD CENTER CORPORATION is no longer a subsidiary of the Company after the stock transfer. The Company was founded in 1869 and established in March 1, 1918. The Company shares was listed on the second section of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Stock Exchange and Nagoya Stock Exchange in May 1949. It has delisted from Osaka Stock Exchange and Nagoya Stock Exchange in May 2009.
Oak Capital Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a financial services company engaged in providing investment banking services. The company’s investment portfolio includes holdings in the following businesses: Christofle Japan KK, Coburn Japan Corporation, K Laser Technology Inc., Adiron Corporation, BSL Insurance Corporation, and Kyorei Corporation. The company has a long history dating back to 1868.
Oak Capital Corporation’s investment operation involves a three-pronged function: investment development, value enhancement, and consulting. The company constantly obtains information about new potential investments through various far-reaching and trustworthy networks including sponsorship of a business owner seminar and supportive financial institutions. The company’s investment approaches include private equity (P/E) investment, equity participation (EPI) investment, and pre-IPO investment. Oak Capital’s principal targets for P/E investment include companies with hidden Enterprise Value (inherent value). Oak Capital aims to further enhance value by participating in these targets’ capital. Oak Capital’s EPI investment targets companies that are already listed or are in the midst of preparing for an IPO, and have decided to implement an increase in capital through third-party allocations. Oak Capital’s pre-IPO investment targets companies in the midst of executing IPO plans. Oak Capital’s investment style is to focus on companies that are headed by their original founders/ owners or successors.


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