The Company is active in the development and manufacturing of high-tech processing equipment for the food industry.


Founded in Reykjavik in 1983, Marel is active in the development and manufacturing of high-tech processing equipment for the food industry. As of 2003, the Marel Group operates ten subsidiary companies in Australia, Europe and North-America, while its network of agents and distributors covers some 30 countries around the world.
Marel offers a range of weighing units, software, monitoring equipment, and intelligent portioning and grading modules as well as integrated systems suitable for use in all major sectors of the food industry.
From the outset, quality and reliability have played a major role in Marel operations. In 1997 Marel hf received an ISO 9001 certification for the quality system, covering product development, sales, manufacturing, and after-sales services.

Change of name
The company change name to Marel Food Systems hf with effective from 6 July 2007.

Marel Food Systems acquires Stork Food Systems in the Netherlands, a leading provider of systems for poultry, meat and dairy processing.

Change of name
The Company announced that as of 1 January 2010, the company name will be changed to Marel hf. The change is a key part of the strategy to fully integrate the companies that have been acquired in recent years under one common identity and company name. The other brand names may continue to be used in connection with particular product lines and market segments.
Marel hf is an Iceland-based company engaged in the development and manufacturing of high-tech processing equipment for the food industry. The company has its registered business office in 210 Gardener, Iceland. The company was established in 1983.
The company is active primarily in the development and manufacture of high-tech food processing equipment for three segments such as fish, poultry and meat. It is active in fish processing both on land and at sea, designing and manufacturing a range of equipment that includes weighing units, computer vision systems, intelligent portioning and slicing machines, smart flow lines, high-speed graders, and packing and labeling systems. In the poultry division, the company focuses on providing equipment and software facilitating increased yields and labor savings. In the meat industry, the company provides processing solutions, incorporating raw materials to maximize the value-adding process.
The company also offers services which include installations and customer training, training seminars, spare parts handling and general equipment service requests.
The company is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of high-tech processing equipment for the food processing industry. The company’s vision is to be an international leader in developing and marketing high-tech processing equipment for the food processing industry in order to increase the productivity of its customers.
The company through its subsidiaries is active in the countries like United Kingdom, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Australia, Poland, Thailand, Chile, United States of America, Russia, Spain, Canada, France and Israel.

Group or Branch:

Austurhraun 9 210, GARDABAER, ICELAND
+354 563 8000
+354 563 8001
[email protected]

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