Life Sciences Research Inc. (LSR), incorporated on July 19, 2001, is a global contract research organization, offering worldwide pre-clinical and non-clinical testing services for biological safety evaluation research to pharmaceutical and biotechnology, as well as agrochemical and industrial chemical companies. LSR serves the regulatory and commercial requirements to perform safety evaluations on new pharmaceutical compounds and chemical compounds contained within the products that humans use, eat and are otherwise exposed to. In addition, LSR tests the effect of such compounds on the environment and also performs work on assessing the safety and efficacy of veterinary products. The purpose of this safety evaluation is to identify risks to humans, animals or the environment resulting from the use or manufacture of a range of chemicals, which are essential components of the Company’s customers’ products. The Company’s sales and marketing functions are focused on two main groups: pharmaceutical and biotechnology, and non-pharmaceutical customers. In November 2009, the Company was acquired by Lion Holdings, Inc.


Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

The Company performs non-clinical testing in support of the drug development process, primarily work outsourced from the bio-pharmaceutical industry. Approximately 85% of the Company’s orders are derived from this pharmaceutical sector. Essentially all of this work is performed as a result of regulatory requirements that seek to minimize the risks associated with the ultimate testing and use of these compounds in humans.

Pre-clinical testing helps to evaluate both how the drug affects the body, as well as how the body affects the drug. Utilizing advanced laboratory and toxicological evaluations, this work helps assess safe and appropriate dose regimens. Other non-clinical testing focus on identifying and avoiding the longer-term cancer implications of exposure to the compound, or relating to the potential of possible reproductive implications, as well as assessing the stability of pharmaceuticals under a range of storage conditions.

The Company views its non-clinical market as extending all the way beyond marketing authorization, although the core market extends to proof of concept in man (Phase 2A). The Company has had collaborative relationships with a number of Phase I clinical trial units and offers certain laboratory services in support of clinical trials. The Company’s market is further extended beyond pre-clinical with analytical chemistry support for clinical trials, establishing the stability of pharmaceuticals under varied storage conditions and the batch testing of marketed pharmaceuticals for product release. The Company has also pursued opportunities to extend its range of capabilities supporting late stage drug discovery, focused around in vitro and in vivo models for candidate drug characterization and optimization. The outsourced market for the late stage clinical trials (phase III and beyond) is also relevant to LSR.


The Company generates approximately 15% of its orders from safety and efficacy testing of compounds for the agrochemical, industrial chemical, and veterinary and food industries. The work involved has many similarities and often uses many of the same facilities, equipment, and scientific disciplines to those employed in pre-clinical testing of pharmaceutical compounds.

The Company’s business in these areas is again driven by governmental regulatory requirements. The Company’s services address safety concerns surrounding a diverse range of products, spanning such areas as agricultural herbicides and other pesticides, medical devices, veterinary medicines, and specialty chemicals used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates, and manufactured foodstuffs and products.

The Company competes with Covance, Inc., Charles River Laboratories, Inc, Sequani, RTI and CIT.
Life Sciences Research, Inc. is a publicly traded firm listed on the American Stock Exchange which provides pre-clinical and non-clinical biological safety evaluation research services to the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrochemical and industrial chemical companies. The company was founded in 1952 as a nutrition, veterinary and biochemical research company. The registered headquarters of the company is located in East Millstone, New Jersey.
Life Sciences Research is one of the world’s leading Contract Research Organizations (CROs). The company conducts test to approximately 75,000 animals annually including rats, rabbits, pigs, dogs, and primates for the testing of products developed by pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial companies.
Life Sciences Research has operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Europe.

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