The Company is a company which provides process control technology for high-volume production of compacted graphite iron (CGI), primarily for the automotive and foundry industries. Its product portfolio comprises CGI components from 8 kilograms (kg) to 17 tons. The application areas for SinterCast’s CGI components include engine frames, cylinder heads and piston rings for industrial power generation engines; cylinder liners for heavy-duty diesel engines; brake discs and drums for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, trains and motor sport, and others. The end-users of the Company’s products include Aston Martin, Audi, DaimlerChrysler, Ford and General Electric Transportation Systems. Through its subsidiaries SinterCast Ltd, SinterCast Resident Manager and SinterCast Inc, the Company operates in Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States and India. It also has a representative office in Shanghai, China.


* SinterCast AB founded
* First patent filed

* Fundamental research on the solidification behaviour of CGI
* First technical demonstrations

* Development of first industrial product: System 1000
* Dual marketing toward foundries and automotive OEMs
* Initial experiences in Motorsport programs for motorcycles, cars and trucks

* Introduction to Swedish Stock Exchange, Stockholmsbörsen O-list, 26 April 1993

* First commercial installation of System 1000 Cifunsa, Mexico
* ISO 9001 certification

* Intensified sales and marketing activities
* Development and launch of the second generation process control system: System 2000
* Development of high-volume machining solutions with the automotive industry, tooling suppliers, foundries and research institutes

* First production references in the car, truck and industrial power sectors

* Machining solutions for high volume production

* First high-volume production commitment: Ford-PSA 2.7 litre V6 diesel engine
* ISO 9001:2000 Certification

* Strategic partnerships established for design, rapid prototyping, foundry automation, and high volume machining

* Start of high-volume CGI production Ford-PSA 2.7 litre V6 diesel engine

* New System 2000 installations at Grainger & Worrall, Hyundai, Motor Castings and Tupy-Mauá

* Successful pre-production of the Hyundai 3.0 litre V6 diesel engine
* Agreement signed for the first SinterCast System 2000 installation in China
* New installations at the Ashland Casting Solutions R&D plant and at Ford’s Cleveland Casting Plant

* Start of series production of the Hyundai 3.0 Litre V6 and the Ford of Europe 3.6 litre V8 engine blocks
* Successful pre-production of MAN and Ford-Otosan commercial vehicle engines
* New installations at Dashiang Precision foundry in China and Doosan Infracore foundry in South Korea

* Eight new SinterCast-CGI commercial vehicle engines launched
* Year-on-year series production increases by 50%

* Local representation established in China and India
* High volume series production of exhaust components begins in China

* Development and launch of the third generation process control system: System 3000
* Ford begins series production of the first CGI passenger vehicle engine in North America
* Luitpoldhütte foundry in Germany adopts the SinterCast Process Control technology
* First-ever SinterCast-CGI trial in India successfully concluded at the DCM foundry in India

* 15 fully automated process control systems and 7 mini-systems installed in 16 countries
* 7 SinterCast-CGI cylinder blocks, 2.7 – 6.7 litres, in 26 Passenger Vehicles and 11 car brands
* 11 SinterCast-CGI cylinder blocks and 3 cylinder heads, 3.9 – 12.9 litres, in 6 Commercial Vehicle brands
* 13 patents, pending or granted, in 63 national phase filings worldwide
SinterCast AB produces and supplies on-line process control technology and know-how for the reliable high-volume production of compacted graphite iron (CGI). The company was founded in 1983 and has its registered business address in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a publicly listed company on the Small Cap segment of the Nordic Exchange, Stockholm.
SinterCast is the world leading supplier of on-line process control technology and know-how for the reliable high-volume production of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI). Together with strategic partnerships for component design, rapid prototyping and high volume machining, SinterCast brings foundry experience and CGI materials expertise to every aspect of every CGI program. It caters to the world foundry and automotive industries. Products distributed to these customers include: cylinder blocks, heads and piston rings for industrial engines used in rail, marine and stationary power generating applications. Prototyping and product development activities cover programs for cylinder liners, bedplates, clutches and flywheels, brake components, molding dies and motor-sport applications.
The company’s foundry customers include: Motor Castings; Grainger & Worrall; ICC; Daros; SKF; Hyundai Motor Company; Ford Cleveland Casting Plant; Caterpillar; Cifunsa; Tupy; Teksid; V. Luzuriaga; Hallberg; and Melta Dashiang Precision. The company is operational in England, Sweden; United States of America; and India.
In addition to its collaboration with the leading engine design consulting firms, SinterCast has established technical partnerships with ABP Induction Systems; Ashland Casting Solutions; Cincinnati Lamb; Grainger & Worrall; Magma; Quasar; and Zeiss. The company has representatives in Turkey, Japan, Korea and Australia.

Group or Branch:

Box 10203 100 55, STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN
+46 8 660 77 50
+46 8 661 79 79
[email protected]

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