Henley Healthcare Inc., incorporated in November 1990, is a manufacturer, provider and marketer of diversified, brand name products and services in the pain management industry. The Company has over 300 products that compete in substantially all segments of the rehabilitation products market, offering cost-effective alternatives to surgery and drugs. The Company has operating units that are categorized by the type of service provided and type of product manufactured or distributed. These operating units include the clinical unit, the training unit and the international unit. The Company markets its products under four principal brand names: Henley Healthcare Brand Products, Cybex Medical Brand Products, HCLS Brand Products and Enraf-Nonius Brand Products. On December 23, 2002, Computer Sports Medicine, Inc. acquired the CYBEX Medical Products line from Henley Healthcare.


On October 19, 2001, Henley Healthcare filed a voluntary petition for relief under Chapter 7 of Title11 of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas (the Bankruptcy Court), which will result in a complete liquidation of the Company. The Bankruptcy Court assumed jurisdiction over the liquidation of Henley Healthcare on that date, and will appoint a trustee to be responsible for the liquidation of the Company’s assets. Earlier in the year, the Company had sold much of its assets, laid off all of its employees and ceased all operations.
Henley Healthcare, Inc., with registered head office located in Sugar Land, Texas, manufactures and markets diversified products and services in the pain management industry. The company offers more than 300 products that represent almost all segments of the rehabilitation products market, offering alternatives to surgery and drugs. Its clinical unit manufactures pain management products used in clinical settings for physical therapy, rehabilitation and other applications. The company’s training unit consists of Health Career Learning Systems, which provides training and safety products, and technical support necessary to meet federal Occupational Safety and Health Act compliance standards; and also coordinates the training of medical professionals in the use of various other products offered by the company. The company’s international unit consists of Enraf-Nonius, which markets a variety of ultra-sound and electrical stimulation products to established international healthcare markets through a worldwide network of distributors. Henley Healthcare was incorporated in November 1990.

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120, Industrial Boulevard 77478, SUGAR LAND, TX, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
+1 281 276 7000

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