The Company principle activity is manufacturing Iron and steel production. The Company is listed on karachi, lahore and Islamabad stock exchanges. The Company was incorporated in Pakistan in the year 1986 and is one of the biggest engineering companies in Pakistan.
The company, with registered head office located in Islamabad, Pakistan, is engaged in manufacturing iron and steel. It provides special modified product use of fiber class instead of preprinted galvanized steel sheets. The company also provides specially designed prefabricated panels that can be used as formwork on sites. Its primary products include wellhead assemblies, secondary seals, double studded adapters, slabs, sheets, tin mill products, strip mill plates, rounds, and coke. The company serves contractors, engineering firms, manufacturers, and end users in various industries, including oil and gas and petrochemical, marine, construction, food processing and other industries. It is a private limited liability business which was incorporated in 1986. The company is a part of the Pakistan-based Akbar Associates.


Group or Branch:

House 88, 8th Floor, Suite 2 ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN
+92 51 2264308
+92 51 2281678
[email protected]

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