West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (West), incorporated on July 27, 1923, is a manufacturer of components and systems for injectable drug delivery and plastic packaging, as well as delivery system components for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and consumer products industries. The products include stoppers and seals for vials, closures and components used in syringe, intravenous and blood collection systems, prefillable syringe components, and safety and administration systems. The Company operates in two business segments: Pharmaceutical Systems and Tech Group. The wholly owned subsidiary of the Company is Medimop Medical Projects, Ltd. (Medimop). On July 6, 2009, West acquired certain business assets of Plastef Investissements SA (Plastef), a France-based developer and manufacturer of drug delivery devices.


Pharmaceutical Systems Segment

The Pharmaceutical Systems segment designs, manufactures and sells a range of packaging components and systems used in parenteral drug delivery for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and generic industries. West has manufacturing facilities in North and South America, Europe and Asia Pacific, with affiliated companies in Mexico and Japan. The Pharmaceutical Systems segment consists of two operating segments: Americas and Europe/Asia Pacific. The segment is composed of pharmaceutical packaging, disposable medical components, safety and administration systems, and laboratory and other services.

Pharmaceutical packaging includes elastomeric stoppers and discs, which serve as primary closures for pharmaceutical vials; secondary closures for pharmaceutical vials called Flip-Off aluminum seals, consisting of an aluminum seal and a removable plastic button, and in some applications, just an aluminum seal,; elastomeric plungers, needle shields and tip caps to fit prefilled syringes and combination seals for dental cartridges and pen delivery systems; pharmaceutical containers, closures and dispensers, including the West Ready Pack system; enhanced component processing: NovaPure, Envision, VeriSure, Westar RS (ready-to-sterilize) and Westar RU (ready-to-use), and Daikyo Crystal Zenith RU prefillable syringe system. Disposable medical components include elastomeric components for blood collection systems, as well as flashback bulbs and sleeve stoppers for intravenous dispensing systems; elastomer and co-molded elastomer/plastic components for infusion and intravenous systems; non-filled syringe components, and droper bulbs for applications, such as eye, ear and nasal drops, diagnostic products and dispensing systems.

Safety and administration systems include sterile devices for the reconstitution, transfer and administration of drug products, including products, such as the Mixject, Mix2Vial and vial adapters, and NovaGuard passive safety needle system. Laboratory and other services include extractables and leachables testing, package/container testing, method development/validation, stability testing, process development and problem resolution.

The Flip-Off seals consist of a metal overseal and a molded plastic cap that is removed in order to permit needle access to the drug-vial contents. These are sold in a range of sizes and colors to meet customers’ needs for product identification and differentiation. The seals can be provided using printing and embossing technology for multiple layers of protection, such as point-of-use instructions, item-level information such as vial contents, drug dosage and strength, and cautionary statements that can serve as counterfeiting deterrence.

Elastomeric components are offered in a range of configurations and formulations, and are available with advanced barrier films and coatings to improve their performance. West FluroTec coating is a film, which is applied using a molding process to reduce the risk of product loss by contamination, improve seal integrity and protect the shelf life of packaged drugs. The Company also applies a Teflon coating to the surface of stoppers and plungers to improve compatibility between the closure and the drug. B2-Coating is a coating applied to the surface of stoppers and plungers using a patented process that eliminates the need for conventional silicone application. It helps manufacturers reduce product rejections due to trace levels of silicone molecules found in non-coated packaged drug compounds. The VeriSure components allow pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies to navigate the complex task of extractables identification and the related analysis for qualifying a drug product’s container/closure system more efficiently.

In addition, the post-manufacturing processes, Westar RS and Westar RU, are documented and fully validated procedures for washing and siliconizing stoppers and syringe components to remove biological materials and endotoxins. Westar RS prepares components for introduction into the customer’s sterilizer and Westar RU provides sterilized components. The Westar processes improve the overall efficiency of injectable drug production by outsourcing component processing, thereby eliminating steps otherwise required in each of the customers’ manufacturing processes, and assure compliance with the latest regulatory requirements for component preparation.

The Company offers contract analytical laboratory services for testing and evaluating primary drug packaging components and their compatibility with the contained drug formulation. West Analytical Services provides the customers with knowledge and analysis of the interaction and compatibility of drug products with elastomer, glass and plastic packaging components. The analytical laboratories also provide specialized testing for complete drug delivery systems.

Tech Group Segment

The Tech Group segment is a global custom injection molder offering contract manufacturing solutions for the healthcare and consumer industries. The segment has manufacturing operations in the United States, Puerto Rico and Ireland. The Tech Group segment consists of two operating segments: Americas and Europe. The Tech Group segment focuses in product design and development, including in-house mold design and construction, an engineering center for developmental and prototype tooling, process design and validation and high-speed automated assemblies. Technologies include multi-component molding, in-mold labeling, ultrasonic welding and clean room molding and device assembly. The ConfiDose auto-injector system eliminates preparation steps and automates the injection of drugs, providing patients with a sterile, single-use disposable system, which can be readily used at home. The segment is responsible for manufacturing and assembling commercial quantities of this system.
West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. is a quoted public company engaged in the manufacture of components and systems for injectable drug delivery, and plastic packaging and delivery system components for the healthcare, personal care and consumer product markets. The company was founded in July 1923. The corporate headquarters of the company is located in Lionville, Pennsylvania, USA.
West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of standard-setting systems and device components for parenterally administered medicines. The company operates in two business segments: Pharmaceutical Systems and Tech Group. The Pharmaceutical Systems segment designs, manufactures and distributes a variety of elastomer and metal components used in parenteral drug delivery for pharmaceutical, generic and biopharmaceutical industries.
The Tech Group is a global leader in injection molding operations, offering contract manufacturing solutions.
The company’s products include stoppers and seals for vials, and components used in syringes, intravenous delivery systems, and blood collection and diagnostic systems. The main brands of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. include: Clip’n’Ject, Flip-Off, FlipOff-TearOff, Flip Tear-Off, FluroTec, Lyotec, MixJect, Mix2Vial, TrimTec, TruEdge, Westar, and West Spectra. Its main customers include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic drug and medical-device producers. The company’s sales offices are located in Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

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