Foncia Groupe, leader in property management and transactions in France. The company was founded in 1972 by its president Jacky Lorenzetti. Since 1972, FONCIA has been the leading French specialist in property management and transactions. The company provide all the services customer’s require concerning personal property: they manage on behalf of owners/investors, or act as the administrator for joint property or the estate agent for purchases and sales.
FONCIA also specialises in the sale and lease of business premises, offices, and shops, as well as the management of Real-Estate Investment Trusts(REIT).


The groupe was registered in the commercial register under number 424 641 066 in the 12th of October 1999 and listed in euro next paris stock exchange in the 5th of April 2001.
At the end of 2004, the group had a network of 228 agencies and 86 property administration offices in France.
On May 10, 2007 has been takenover by BANQUE FÉDÉRALE DES BANQUES POPULAIRES
Foncia Groupe SA is a market leader in property management and transactions in France. Foncia Groupe is involved in a range of activities, including co-ownership management and rental management services, the selling and leasing of business premises, offices and shops, and the management of real estate investment trusts. The company also specializes in providing technical consulting and insurance brokerage services. The company has been operating since 1972 and is based in Antony, France.
Foncia Groupe SA has two core subsidiaries, comprising Foncia S.A. and C3i. Foncia S.A. specializes in property management services and has subsidiaries located across France, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. Meanwhile, C3i manages the group’s service division, comprising CNEM, Assurimo and Seiitra. The company’s customers are private individuals and leading business institutions. Foncia Groupe has approximately 285 agencies located throughout France, with further offices located in Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.

Group or Branch:

13, Avenue Lebrun 92188, ANTONY, FRANCE
+33 1 55 52 52 52
+33 1 55 52 52 53
[email protected]

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