PARKE DAVIS INDIA LTD Actually the company is involved in manufacturing and sale of Pharmaceuticals Products. The products are: Anti-histamines, Other Antacids and Chloramphenicol Capsules etc.


The Company PARKE DAVIS INDIA LTD is Delisted from Bombay stock exchange on 2/25/2004.
The company is engaged in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of drug and pharmaceuticals, toiletries and consumer healthcare products in India and abroad. The company, with registered office and factory located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, was founded in 1958 and became a public limited company in 1970.
The company markets its products in the forms of tablets, liquids, ointments, capsules, injectables, powder, chewing gum, and bulk drugs. Its products include Ponstan, Pitocin, Pyridium, Citralka, and Calcal for gynelogical care; Atpark, Lopid, Ionozem, and Monopark for cardiac care; Neurontin, and Dilantin for neuro care; Warcilin and Chloromycetin for pediatric care and the following consumer healthcare products: Gelusil MPS, Benadryl cough formula, Listerine mouthwash, Gelusil Plus antacid, Caladryl, Benadryl softgels, Benadryl syrup, Ferradol food supplement, Agarol, Waterbury’s Compound, Sloan’s Balm & Liniment and Neko.

Group or Branch:

Paville House 1216/4a 400 025, MUMBAI, INDIA
+91 22431 8902
+91 22432 2733

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