Benda Pharmaceutical, Inc. (Benda), through its wholly owned subsidiary Ever Leader Holdings Limited (Ever Leader) is a pharmaceutical company that identifies, discovers, develops and manufactures both conventional medications and manufactures both conventional medicines and traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs) for the treatment of common ailments and diseases. The Company is also engaged in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of gene therapy products. Benda sell generics to medical wholesalers for resale to the customers. The Company’s operating companies include Hubei Tongji Benda Ebei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Benda Ebei), Jiangling Benda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Jiangling Benda), Yidu Benda Chemical Co., Ltd. (Yidu Benda), Beijing Shusai Pharyngitis Research Co., Ltd. (BJ Shusai) and Shenzhen SiBiono Gene Technology Co., Ltd. (SiBono).


Yidu Benda develops, manufactures and sells bulk chemicals (or pharmaceutical intermediated), which are the raw materials used to make active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Jiangling Benda develops, manufactures and sells APIs, which are one of the two components of any capsules, tablets and fluids that are pharmaceutically active.

Benda Ebei develops, manufactures and sells conventional finished medicines, which are small volume injection solutions (vials) used for a range of treatments, including hepatitis, and TCMs, which are herb-based and natural medicines used in TCM therapies. BJ Shusai develops manufactures and sell herbal TCM oral liquid for the treatment of anti-respiration tract infections. SiBiono develops, manufactures and sells gene therapy products.

Benda Ebei Products

The Shusai-A Nefopam Hydrochloride solution is sold in injection vials. The chemical name of the product is Nefopam hydrochloride. It contains 5-Methyl-1-Phenyl-3,4,5,6-Tetrahydrocannabinol-1H-2,5-benzoxazocine, fenazoxine hydrochloride. The product has passed clinical trials in six clinical institutions, including the provincial hospital of Hebei, the second and the forth hospital attached Hebei School of Medicine, and Bethune international peace hospital.

Jiangling Benda Products

Jiangling Benda produces and plans to produce four types of active pharmaceutical ingredients. It includes Ribavirin, Asarin, Levofloxacin and Ribose. Ribavirin has been used to produce antivirus medicine to treat severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and SARS-like illnesses. Ribavirin is also used to treat severe virus pneumonia in infants and young children and a viral liver infection known as hepatitis C. Asarin is used to treat infections of the upper respiratory system. Levofloxacin Mesylate is a synthetic broad spectrum antibacterial agent for oral and intravenous administration. Ribose is a kind of active pharmaceutical ingredient and which is used to manufacture antibiotic drug.

Yidu Benda Product

Yidu focuses to produce one type of bulk chemicals. The main bulk chemical product of the Company is triazol carboxylic acid methyl ester (TCA).

SiBiono Product

SiBiono is a gene therapy focused on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of gene therapy products. The Company has developed two technology platforms. Viral Vector Gene Delivery System and Non-Viral Vector Gene Delivery System is focused on development of gene therapy product for cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
Benda Pharmaceutical Inc is a private China-based company which is engaged in developing and manufacturing traditional Chinese and conventional medicines and Gendicine, the first commercialized gene therapy for the treatment of cancer in the world. The company was established in 2002 and has its registered corporate headquarters located in Shenzhen, China.
Benda’s manufactures a variety of pharmaceutical products which include active pharmaceutical ingredients – APIs (substances used in capsules, fluids and tablets that are pharmaceutically active),, bulk chemicals (raw materials used to make APIs), and traditional Chinese medicines. The company’s products are used for the treatment of ailments and diseases such as common cold, diabetes and cancer.
Benda distributes its medicines to agents who sell them to hospitals. It also sells generics to medical wholesalers for resale to hospitals. The company sells over the counter medicines to wholesalers specializing in selling to retail chain drug stores, its APIs are sold to drug manufacturers under long-term supply contracts and its bulk chemicals are purchased by other Chinese drug companies.
The company was incorporated in Delaware and it is also active in Italy through the operation of one subsidiary.

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