SOLOPOINT COM INC, Inc., founded in 1993, designs, develops, and markets easy-to-use personal communications management products that connect people more effectively. The Company markets its current products to customers of the residential Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC) and Local Exchange Carriers (LEC), Small Office Home Office (SOHO) professionals and professionals in corporate satellite offices.


The Company currently offers three products in its personal communications management product line: SmartScreen, which allows a residential RBOC or LEC Voice Mail customer to locally screen an incoming calls and take the call, if desired; SmartMonitor, which allows a mobile professional to remotely monitor and take office calls from a cellular or PCS phone; and SmartCenter, which provides a feature rich call management environment for SOHO professionals and professionals in corporate satellite offices.


The SmartScreen S-100 currently is sold by Pacific Bell and also is available through the Company’s Web store and various retail outlets. The S-100 enables a residential RBOC or LEC Voice Mail user to screen and manage incoming calls while callers are leaving messages on the user’s RBOC or LEC Voice Mail. The user can connect with a caller while he/she is leaving a Voice Mail message at any time during the call.

The SmartScreen S-210 manages telephone company Voice Mail through simple, intuitive buttons. It also lets customers screen their calls and visually alerts them when they have messages. The S-310 Caller ID/Voice Mail Manager contains a number of helpful features that will simplify and enhance the use of Caller ID, Voice Mail, and features such as 3-Way Calling, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding. The SmartMonitor M-200 is designed to meet the needs of high-end mobile professionals who have a direct access office number and RBOC or LEC Voice Mail or answering machines.When used with RBOC or LEC Voice Mail, the M-200 requires RBOC or LEC Three-Way Calling service.


The SmartMonitor M-100 is designed to meet the needs of mobile professionals who have a direct access office number and an answering machine. The M-100 enables users to screen incoming office calls from either their cellular or PCS telephone. When a caller dials the user’s office number, SmartMonitor simultaneously rings the user’s office number and cellular or PCS telephone. The user can optionally monitor calls as messages are being left on the user’s office answering machine. The user can also elect to instantly connect to callers by simply pushing a button. A key benefit of the M-100 is that it enables users to be more accessible to their customers without disclosing their cellular or PCS numbers or the user’s current location. Since the user’s office telephone and Cellular or PCS telephone ring simultaneously,the user can answer either telephone without having to disable or enable any of the screening features of the M-100, an advantage over RBOC or LEC Call Forwarding.

SmartCenter Family

The SmartCenter C-120 is a complete, multifunction communications management platform designed to meet the needs of mobile, communications-dependent SOHO individuals. The SmartCenter C-120 is an integrated communications management hardware device that fits under a telephone, connects to two analog telephone lines and provides four general-purpose extensions for connecting personal office telephone equipment.

The A-200 provides a complete automated attendant system for small businesses with enhanced features such as call filtering, scheduling, and fax handling for up to two incoming telephone lines. The A-400 provides the same features for up to four incoming telephone lines. Additional modules may be added, in two-line increments, to a maximum of 10 lines.

The Company’s current products are sold to residential RBOC and LEC Voice Mail customers, mobile professionals and SOHO professionals and professionals in corporate satellite offices. The Company’s distribution strategy for its current product line is to enter into co-marketing or reseller agreements with established RBOCs and LECs, as well as to sell directly to end user customers. In May 1997, the Company entered into a marketing agreement with Pacific Bell to market a co-branded version of the S-100 to Pacific Bell’s residential Voice Mail customers. In September 1999, the Company entered into a reseller agreement with Cincinnati Bell for the S-310 Caller ID/Voice Mail Manager.
This publicly quoted company is engaged in the design, development and marketing of personal communications management products which are designed to allow customers to balance three important needs of communication namely mobility, ability and accessibility. Its products include SmartMonitor and SmartCenter. The company serves a wide range of customers including Regional Bell Operating Companies, Local Exchange Carriers, Voice Mail Customers, Small Office Home Office professionals and professionals in corporate satellite offices. Since August of 1996, the company’s shares have been publicly traded under the ticker symbol of SLPT.
The company operates as one of the subsidiary companies of Western Technology Investment, Inc., the leading provider of debt and lease financing to venture capital backed technology companies.

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