The Company is a diversified construction company, which is involved in residential and industrial building, project development, engineering projects (including offshore) and technical contracting.


The Company is a Dutch-based construction-services business headquartered in Bunnik.

The Company was founded in 1869. It is listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange in1959 . In the UK it owns Edmund Nuttall.

The company is part of the Infraspeed consortium which recently officially handed over the Southern High Speed Rail Line between Rotterdam and the Belgian border to the Dutch State .

In October 2008, as part of a wider rebranding program, their UK subsidiary HBG UK Ltd, was rebranded under the BAM brand and the UK subsidiary is now known as BAM Construct UK Ltd.
Koninklijke Bam Groep NV, with registered business office in Bunnik, Netherlands, is a diversified construction company primarily engaged in the construction of residential and industrial buildings, civil engineering projects (including offshore), technical constructing and dredging. The company was formerly known as Koninklijke Bam NBM NV. It was founded in 1869 when Adam van der Wal opened a carpentry workshop in Groot-Ammers, the Netherlands.
The company operates in four divisions: construction and property, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical contracting, and consultancy and engineering. It also has an interest in a leading dredging company with international operations. The construction and property division comprises in general construction, house building, system building and property development. The civil engineering division undertakes specialized civil engineering and marine projects all over the world. The mechanical and electrical contracting division is engaged in utility-related projects and includes new-build and renovation work which is undertaken in the general construction, industrial, civil engineering and house building markets. The consultancy and engineering division comprises engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and project management.
The company ranks among the largest construction firms in Europe. The company is active in Belgium, United Kingdom/ Ireland, Germany, USA, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Ghana, Qatar, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Indonesia, Poland, Czech Republic, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Hungary, Russian Republic, Singapore, Bahrain, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Group or Branch:

Runnenburg 9 3981 AZ, BUNNIK, NETHERLANDS
+31 30 659 89 88
+31 30 659 81 40
[email protected]

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